Saskatoon Blades Fundraiser Performance

For students playing O’Canada at the Saskatoon Blades game tomorrow night here are the details:

  • Meet at 5:45pm in the arena at section W or in the Affinity entrance if you don’t have a ticket.
  • There is a short rehearsal on the ice at 6pm
  • Wear all black (smart dress) The band polo shirts will be there
  • Bring your music:O Canada
  • We perform at 7pm on the ice then we return to our seating area for the game.

If there is anyone else that wants to play tomorrow night it is still not to late. Just meet at 5:45pm and you can get your tickets upon arrival. Please let Mr. Martin or Ms. Thompson know if this is the case so we are expecting you.

See you all tomorrow night!

Written by willmartin