Just a reminder regarding Friday:

  • Students come in concert dress but bring a change of clothes for laser tag.
  • Bring packed lunch and money for a gas station stop on the return if you want.
  • Bring Music (Turkish March/Rippling Watercolors) your instruments and accessories.
  • Bus Pick ups:                                                                                                                       – Bus 1:  Aberdeen 6:00am  Stonebridge Walmart (Clavet students) 6:30am           – Bus 2: Colonsay 6:00am  Allan: 6:20am  Dundurn Gas Station: 6:50am
  • Return:                                                                                                                  Bus 1: (Walter Martens, Bus 324) Saskatoon – 6:15p.m.; Aberdeen – 6:45p.m.
    Bus 2: (Gary Grady, Bus 400) 5:50p.m Dundurn; 6:20p.m. Allan; 6:45-Colonsay

Turkish March – Beethoven

Rippling Watercolors – Brian Balmages

Written by willmartin