The Spring concert is just 31 hours away!

We desperately still need parents to help supervise the grade 5/6 students before the concert (while other groups rehearse) and at the start directing 5/6 to seats. Please let me know if you can help. 

Please see the bus times to take students to Clavet for tomorrows concert. Remember to bring concert dress (Black pants/skirt, white top/blouse/dress shirt, Black smart shoes) and supper to eat at Clavet.

Seniors please help the grade 5/6 students

  • Clavet students will help set up after school and before their rehearsals.

Bus #1 – Kessa Monar – Colonsay – 3:10p.m.; Allan – 3:25p.m. – Clavet – ONE WAY ONLY

Bus #2 – Gary Grady – Hanley – 3:05p.m.; Dundurn-3:25p.m.; SCP-3:45p.m. – Clavet – ONE WAY ONLY

Bus #3 – Walter Martens – 3:05p.m. – Aberdeen – Clavet – ONE WAY ONLY

Written by willmartin