Halloween Division Classes


It is nearly November! This Wednesday is division classes in Allan. Students are welcome to come in costume for Halloween. 

Seniors should be working on their individual skills and assignments and music from Division classes and ensembles.


  • Resonate Road Trip – Nov 1st/2nd  – Percussion students
  • Resonate Gala – Nov 28th
  • Winter Concert – Dec 13th @ Lakview Church                                                                         5pm (seniors) 7pm (seniors/grade 5/6)
  • Caroling – December 18th/19th – tbc 

Division Hub Classes in Allan Tomorrow – Oct 17th


Hope the week is starting out well. Just a reminder there is Division Classes in Allan tomorrow and we will continue working towards our winter concert, resonate gala and other events. Please make sure you can be there so we can rehearse with all of the parts.

– If you are in Strung – Bring a guitar
– RhythmBox – Let Mr. Martin/Ms.Worman know and bring forms/payment if you are coming to the Resonate Tour on Nov 1st/2nd.