Our Winter Concert and Term 1 celebration creeps ever nearer.

This year both the East and West concert will happen within the same night with the East Concert taking place at 5pm. Senior (Grade 7-12) players will perform in both 5pm and 7pm performances.

East students will be bussed from their home schools after lunch on Thursday December 13th to Lakeview church to rehearse prior to the 5pm concert. All students will need to be picked up and taken home after the performance.

December 13th @ Lakeview Church

5pm Performance (East)

  • East Grade 5/6, East and West Senior Winds (Combined Band), RhythmBox (East), Brass Ensemble (East/West), Song and Woodwind Ensemble (East/West) 

7pm Performance (West)

  • West Grade 5 (Beginners), West Junior Band (Grade 6/7), East and West Senior Winds (Combined Band), Brass Ensemble (East/West) Song and Woodwind Ensemble. Jazz Band.

We are in desperate need of parent volunteers to help supervise before the performances. Please let us know if you can help out for the evening.

More detailed information to follow.

Written by willmartin