We welcomed division band students back yesterday for the start of what will be an exciting 2019! Please make sure you sign up for Resonate ASAP

Senior Division Rehearsal Notes 

  • Breathing Excercise handout – Please practice at home
  • New Repertoire – to Practice –>  Portrait on Terry Fox –> Lauda –> Rumble on the High Plains

Check the senior assignments page —->> . HERE for recordings and more info

APRIL 5th Resonate 2019 RegistrationALL SENIOR STUDENTS 7-12 MUST REGISTER

All senior students will be attending Resonate conference on Friday April 5th this year. In addition to other sessions the band will be working with Paul Suchan (composer) and Todd Martin (Dirty Catfish Brass Band).

Please take 5 mins to sign up ASAP -> https://kwiksurveys.com/s/8SJ7mWAo#!/0


Written by willmartin