December is upon us. Please find the information for next weeks winter celebration at Lakeview Church.

Winter Band Concert!

December 10th, 2019

Lakeview Church at 7:00 pm

Dear Band Parents,

     On Tuesday, December 10th we will be having our Winter Band Concert at Lakeview Church in Saskatoon!  The concert will begin at 7:00 pm.  We ask that senior students (Grade 8-12 East and West) arrive at 5:30 for a brief rehearsal prior to the concert.  Junior (grade 6/7 WEST ONLY) and Beginner( grade 5 WEST ONLY) band students should arrive at 6:15.  The Beginner’s will have a quick rehearsal on stage, and the juniors will have a warm up in their warm up room.  They will be shown where they can leave their jackets and instrument cases upon arrival at the church.    

Students will need to bring:

Beginner Band (Grade 5) WEST SCHOOLS ONLY

  • Instrument
  • Music (Tradition of Excellence book)
  • Concert dress (white shirt and black pants)

Junior Band (Grade 6/7) WEST SCHOOLS ONLY

  • Instrument
  • Music (Majestica, Gently I Wander)
  • Concert dress (black shirt and black pants)

Senior Band

  • Instrument
  • Music (Thrill Ride, Hymn to the Fallen, Christmas at the Circus, Blessed Legacy)
  • Concert dress (Black shirt/blouse, Black Pants/long skirt and Shoes)

Jazz Students

  • Instrument
  • Music (Kansas City, Fat Cat, Sweet Home Chicago)

If you have any questions or concerns, contact:

Written by willmartin