For anyone with instruments, please take a look at this potential opportunity for an amazing cause to record yourself, and combine with musicians across the globe.

Some older students will remember Senior Band performing the poignant piece “Song for Hope” by Dr. Peter Meechan three years ago. Written for world renowned trumpet player Ryan Anthony. Song for Hope has become an anthem of strength, togetherness and hope that has been featured on concert programs around the world. 

A film company has been recording Ryan’s 8 year battle against terminal cancer and in this unsettling time have opened up the opportunity for a project to combine as many musicians as possible playing Song for Hope. They will then carefully stitch all of these videos together into one music video proving that in a world under crisis, we are together and when people need hope they can always turn to music.

“We want this project to be as inclusive as possible – unity, togetherness, collaboration, and – of course – hope are our goals. The “perfect” take doesn’t exist – and so we encourage you, more than anything else, to find joy and hope through your performance – participation is what counts!” – Peter Meechan

There are parts for every level of musician and full instructions and more background at this link:

Here is a reminder of the piece. Have a great weekend.

Written by willmartin