WOW! What an incredible first day of sessions and performances. Thank you to our amazing day one artists Elly & Eric, Matt Abraham, Paul Suchan, Todd “Lil Duece Duece” Bryanton, Big Dog Rob Bryanton, Cathy Sproule and the inspiring Spotlight artists Bombargo for their performances. Thank you to all the students from across Canada that tuned in and took part!

Tomorrows line up:

  • Karen Donnelly – Brass Masterclass with the Principal Trumpet of the NAC Orchestra
  • Matt Abraham – Conducting 101 first thing!
  • Jennifer Lang Vocals
  • Lil Duece Duece – Composing music to picture
  • Big Dog Rob Bryanton – Repairing Editing and mixing sound for web, tv and film
  • Grammy Nominated artist Jacob Faithful (Young Spirit Singers)
  • Eric & Elly – Songwriters Tool box and bridging the highway between singers and musicians
  • Lunch time performance from Gerard Weber (Tenor Sax) and Brett Graham (Vibraphone)

It is not too late to take part. Sign up HERE or contact Mr. Martin for more info.

Written by willmartin