Hope you all had a great weekend and are getting back to new normal.

We will continue to be publishing supplementary materials on the blog site while Band/Itinerant Music is on pause. Update is coming this week. Just click on your relevant band assignments tab (beginning band, 7-9 or 10-12 etc.) Unfortunately at this time we cannot do the lunch time check in’s on teams but PLEASE email us and stay in contact, we miss our music students and families.

In the meantime check out this fantastic series of short classes on balancing the untold and ignored parts of Music History, in particular the role of women, by the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. Join Saskatoon composer Kendra Harder in this six week course exploring the Herstory you need to know.

Women have been writing and performing music for as long as men have; so how come we don’t know about very many women composers? In this class we’ll explore the socio-historical reasons behind the absence of women from textbooks while exploring their music and their lives.”

Click the link above to get more information and sign up for the Thursday night classes

Weekly Challenge:

Try mastering this round the dinner table – send us videos if you master it!

Written by willmartin