Online 10/20/30 Music Credit options through Spirit eLearning school (Term 2, T3, T4, T5)

The Music Ed team are excited to be a part of the Spirit eLearning School and are offering an all new online music credit class starting in Term 2 (October 23rd) for students in grade 9-12. This class will take place as a timetabled option, in the mornings, where students will work for a complete credit per term. Students from any part of the division are welcome to sign up. In addition to daily large group topics, discussions and activities, students can pick from the following areas of specialization:

  • Band
  • Choral
  • Jazz (Term 3)
  • General Music
  • Garage Band
  • Guitar

East/West Division Band Credit Class – Pullout Year long program on Monday afternoons (Online)

We will be resuming online Division Band classes on Monday afternoons in Term 2 (October 26th) from 1-3pm with one hour assigned work during the week in addition. This afternoon class will enable any students able to return home at lunch to do so and log on able to play their instruments from home. Division band online with mix music concepts, playing, listening performance assignments and group projects until we are able to meet again in person.

More information to follow – contact with any questions or to sign up for classes.

  • You need to sign up in advance to attend both courses (email Mr. Martin).
  • The Monday Division Band is all year round.
  • The in Timetabled credit class is per term. You can work towards multiple credits over separate terms or just study one term.

East/West Grade 7-9

Students in grade 7-9 will be able to also take part in the division band classes if their situation allows. There will be a different expectation on coursework and the division band class will be split down to reflect age group and ability.

More information to follow

Contact for more questions if you are in grade 7-9.

For grade 6 (and Waldheim, Hepburn, Laird) support contact

Written by willmartin