Secret Path Week

Secret Path Week

October 17-22nd

The PSSD Music Education Team are incredibly proud to be a Legacy School for the The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund. We are excited to invite students, families and teachers from across Prairie Spirit School Division to join us for a series of event’s from October 17th-22nd as part of the Secret Path Week, a national movement commemorating the legacies of Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack and promoting conversations and action for Reconciliation.

We will be hosting live streaming events, discussions and activities on October 20th and 22nd for students in grades 7-12 from 9am to 12pm on Google Classroom.

We also invite anyone to Walk for Wenjack on the 22nd or at any time during the Secret Path Week. The Music Education Team will be taking part in a socially distanced walk on Sunday October 18th from the Kinsmen Park car park to Wanuskewin Heritage Park, anyone is welcome to join. Please contact to sign up to take part in either event.

Walk for Wenjack

Everybody has their own reason to Walk for Wenjack. For some, it may be a moment to honour Chanie. For others, it may be an opportunity to raise awareness of the true history of Residential Schools. Each Walk for Wenjack is unique.

The first Walk for Wenjack took place in 2016 and retraced the steps of Chanie Wenjack. It started at the Cecillia Jeffrey Indian Residential School in Kenora, ON, and continued to Redditt, ON for a ceremony representing Chanie’s final resting spot near Farlane, ON.  Since then, people across the country have hosted their own walk to educate and raise awareness of the true history and impact of Residential Schools

We encourage all students/teachers/family members to walk for Chanie Wenjack and his family on October 22, the day Chanie succumbed to the elements as he was trying to get home. Walks can also be organized on other dates during Secret Path Week (Oct. 17-22).

The PSSD Music Education Team has set up a fundraising page – Here – Which anyone can join the team and contribute to, feel free to donate or join the group. You do not have to fundraise to do a walk. Here are some ideas for a walk.

  • Walk with a musical instrument.
  • Create a banner or sign to walk with.
  • Join in with the fundraising for your walk –
  • Remember to take pictures/videos and use social media to chart your walks
  • 60km over the week – Channie Wenjack was found over 60 km from Cecillia Jeffrey Indian Residential School. Spread your walk over the week or join with friends to collectively walk 60km over the week.
  • Join the Music Ed Team on a socially distanced walk from Kinsmen Park to Wanuskewin Heritage Park on Sunday October 18th @9am. (bring an instrument!)