Music Classes this week

Music Teachers will be heading to four communities this week to touch base with any students in grade 6-12 interested in studying music this year. Two more communities will be added the following week. The Teachers will call interested students in cohort groups to discuss music options in the afternoon.

We are committed to finding a pathway for studying music this year that can fit students/teachers schedule the best.

  • Tuesday – Clavet/Delisle
  • Thursday – Hanley/Allan

For all students outside of these communities the Music Education Team are available to set up online lesson opportunities that fit the student/teachers schedules best. Please contact your music teacher if you wish to have 1-1 or small group private lessons.

Monday Afternoon drop in classes

From 1-3pm every Monday afternoon the Music Education Team will be hosting optional drop in Music Classes for any students that are willing and able to attend (Grade 6-12). There will be time for instrument specific instruction, group opportunities, listening activities and more, based on who is in attendance each Monday.

These classes will take place through Google Classroom. Please contact one of the music staff to be added to the classroom if you are interested. If you are added into the classroom you are NOT expected to be there every week, so even if you think you might only make one Monday for 10 mins, don’t let that stop you being involved.

Provincial Guidelines for Music Classes (from the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association – STF Professional Growth Network)

SMEA Provincial Covid Recommendations

In Person Music Classes Resuming next week

I hope you are doing well on this day of Remembrance and we wish you and your loved ones well in this crazy week of snow.

The Music Ed team will be returning, to begin with, to the communities where students expressed the most interest starting next Tuesday (Nov 17th) and Thursday (Nov (19th). Any students interested in exploring options for studying music will be called to speak with one of our staff to work out a path forward that works best for them.

There will be no Division Band time on Monday afternoons, in lieu this time will be open for students to set up online 1 on 1 or small group lesson on their instrument with a member of staff, providing they have a safe space and fall under provincial guidelines to do so.

We will post an update this Friday the schools and times staff members will be visiting for in person lessons once we have confirmed.

In the meantime be safe, be well and take care of each other.