Senior Winds


The Prairie Spirit Division East2West Senior Winds is a higher level ensemble for players that have been playing three years or more and concentrates on a higher standard of repertoire. The Senior Winds takes part in music festivals, retreats and tours across the Prairies and beyond.

The Senior Winds is open to all students with at least 3 years playing experience or at the band directors discretion. It is a curricular class, with credits available to be obtained in grades 10, 11, and 12.

Students from all our communities come together to rehearse to give all students an ensemble setting to learn and perform in every 2nd Monday at Allan School from 1:00-4:30pm,


The school division provides bus transportation for INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR band students only. Busses depart from their home school location on Mondays at lunch and take them to Allan Composite School to attend division rehearsals. Students are still under school responsibility and thus MUST abide by the division issued rules for bus transportation.

Routes:  Bus #1 – Aberdeen, Colonsay   Bus #2 – Hanley/Dundurn    Bus #3 – SCP, Clavet


  • Black Dress Pants or Skirt (knee length or longer)

  • Black Socks/Leggings

  • Black Shoes

  • Black Vest or tie (school provided)


Assessment    – Grade 10-12 Master Assessment Chart

Students are assessed throughout the year with a combination of assignments and skills. Each student has an Assessment tracking sheet which will be updated as skills/assignments are handed in. The assessment falls under four categories or Areas of study

Areas of Study:

All music classes are broken into different areas of music study to meet curricular goals and help the personal growth of our students. All assessment fits under one of the four below categories:

Coffee House Monthly: First Class of the month

  • Music Appreciation
  • Artist Research
  • Discussion


  1. Monthly Playlists – Exchange, review and discussion
  2. Artist Research – One per term about an artist that plays your instrument
  3. Concert Review

Happenings (unit area of study):

  • October: Gender in Music/Women’s History Month
  • November: Music in ourselves and Community
  • December: Music and Movies – How do films represent music in cultures?
  • January: The Music Industry
  • February: Black History Month
  • March: World Music
  • April: Music & Health – The Body and the Brain
  • May: Aboriginal History Month
  • June: Musical Theatre

Blast from the Past Ongoing yearly Unit as part of weekly classes

  • Music History
  • Composer/Musician research
  • Personal Project and Presentations – Starting January


  1. Personal Project and Presentation
  2. Review Paper or Viva

Happenings (units of study):

  • September: The Evolution of Music
  • October: 1900-40’s – Changing Key
  • November: 50’s – Birth of Pop
  • December: 60’s – The British Invasion
  • January: 70’s – Rocking the Disco
  • February to April: 80’s – Video Killed the Radio Star
  • March: 90’s to Present – From Brit Pop to Hip Hop
  • April-June: Student Presentations: The Music Eras 

Music Concepts/Composition – Ongoing as part of weekly home school classes

  • Theory and analysis
  • Composition and songwriting


  1. Concept Paper – January and June
  2. Listening Quiz, Ear Training (ongoing throughout the year – informal)
  3. Concept Demonstration Checklist (ongoing throughout year)
  4. Composition Assignments (1 per term)


  • January – Concept Paper – January and June

Instrumental Techniques – Ongoing as part of weekly classes

  • Playing/instrumental skills
  • Musicianship
  • Masterclasses
  • Solos/Small Ensembles/rehearsals and sight reading.
  • Band 10,20,30 Credit class for grades 10-12 (combined with Division Hub rehearsals)


  1. Practice Journals – bi monthly (Class and Division rehearsals)
  2. Playing Skills:
  • 10 per term (Grade 7-9)
  • 15 per term (grade 10-12)
  1. Performance solo or ensemble at local music festival

Happenings: (performances opportunites)

  • December: Winter Concert
  • March: Dalmeny Music Festival (West students – solos/ensembles)
  • April: Watrous Music Festival (East students -solos/ensembles)
  • May: Music Monday
  • June: Spring Concert
  • Ongoing: Performances within own school