Hi everyone, Ms. Ylioja here! I’m replacing Mrs. Ayers this year while she’s on her maternity leave. I’m excited to be here and to teach music, even though it will be different this year.

As you know, band is on pause for the beginning of the year, but we want to provide students with opportunities to play their instrument and continue their music learning. Below you’ll find a download link to a beginner band method book that you can use to practice your instrument. Because new notes and concepts are added on every page, I recommend trying one page at a time and practicing those songs until you’ve mastered them before moving on.

Have a look at the Google Slides link on the page below! It’s a music games arcade where you can choose games to play to practice your music skills. Some of the games are only for iOS, but most of them are usable on any device.

If you’re an IOS user, I recommend “Monster Musician” (the farthest game on the right). You can use your instrument (or your voice!) to practice playing notes and rhythms, and the app will tell you whether you played them correctly or not. It’s really fun!

There is a link to “Breezin’ Thru Theory” in the games arcade as well. Login information for our division is listed on the page linked below.

Have fun!