Please follow the below instructions to log into Breezin thru Theory or Breezin Thru Composition

Student Access – Prairie Spirit East West Senior Music

Username: btfun_9611
Password: glow514

Every student uses the same Username and Password to log in. You will be asked to enter your name after this. This is how we can track your progress.

Class: Music 10/20/30

Here’s a short video on Navigating Next Gen for Students. There’s a link in the app to it too.


  1. Log in here
  2. When you log in, type your name the exact same way each time (no typos) or you will not see all your results.
  3. Remember to click “submit” after you complete a drill/reflection or your result will not be recorded. 
  4. See your Theory results in 3 places: Drill page, Chapter Table of Contents, and your Student Dashboard (website-subscriber area). Do well and collect some fun rewards!
  5. Student Compositions: After you’ve created a composition upload the “audio file” to your student dashboard — so you can play your tunes from there. It’s very cool! Upload instructions in dashboard.