Music Activities April 6-10th

Dear students, parents and families,

   We hope you had a restful weekend. Please find links below to this week’s music activities below. Have fun, explore, create and feel free to share the results with your family, classmates and staff.

You can also find the weekly activities on the assignments tab in the above blogsite menu.

Over the course of the week we hope to touch base with all students/families that need more information and also those that have already confirmed they will be continuing. Through this correspondence we will form a better idea of where students interest areas and time availability are, which will better guide each students individual plan going forward.

We have also attached an FAQ document that will hopefully answer some common questions.

April 6-10th Activities:

Please do not hesitate to contact your teacher with any questions,

Kendra Worman, Will Martin, AJ Ward, Shelby Ayers

Itinerant Music Education, Prairie Spirit School Division
Box 809 | 121 Collins St., Warman, SK  S0K 4S0

Learners for life

Happy Weekend.

Thank you all for your responses to Music classes going forward. We hope you all take time and can enjoy the weekend.

We are cognizant of the volume of emails you will already be receiving and will try to keep our emails as efficient and effect as possible! We will be updating information and assignments on this blogsite in addition to your preferred option of communication. You can find assignments for students age grouping in the assignments tabs above. Next weeks lessons/information will be posted there in due course and over the coming days.

Take care in there.

PSSD Music Ed Team

PS: Here is one for the Brass players to make your practice in the house a little quieter for everyone else:

*Coffee creamers fit trombone/Baritone bells and that dense foam and glue can substitute for the rubber seal*

Music Classes going forward – Please read.

We are writing to anyone registered in a music class(es) with us this year which has been impacted by school closures.  While many details are yet to be developed, we would like to invite students to join fellow classmates and ourselves in a musical learning journey that will be as flexible and to suit each students’ individual needs and availability.  

Below you will find a sample “menu” of options that students can taste over the next few months.  We will be developing the specifics for each item as we go along, but what we can tell you for now is the following:  

·         Appreciation Appetizers – will focus on music listening and music appreciation (NIR) 

·         Main Studio – will focus on instrument techniques, playing, composition, and more.  

·         Practice Room Desserts – will focus on exercises and developmental material which allow for further growth of Main Studio items (to-go box!)  

·         Wet Your Whistle For Discovery – will focus on project based and inquiry based learning (NIR) 

*NIR – indicates items in which an instrument is not required for the item 

Important Notes: 

·         Students can select items from any or all categories in any order that works for them 

·         Students can learn at their own pace 

·         Students can learn on any instrument(s) they have available to them 

·         “No Instrument Required” items are available for students who do not have an instrument available to learn on at this time 

We have included a link to a survey which we will use to determine which students are participating and which are not at this time.  This will also help guide our teaching to any supplemental learning your student decides to participate in. Please remember that it is invitational, and the musical door is always open! 

Please respond to the following survey by Friday, April 3rd if possible Supplemental learning begins on Monday, April 6th

Supplemental Music Learning Survey: 

We look forward to hearing from you and getting back to creating music!  Let any of us know if you have questions, and we’ll do the best we can to answer them at this time.  Take care and stay safe! 

Kendra Worman, Will Martin, AJ Ward, Shelby Ayers

Itinerant Music Education, Prairie Spirit School Division
Box 809 | 121 Collins St., Warman, SK  S0K 4S0

Learners for life

Virtual Band and other resources – Stay well

*UPDATE: MARCH 30th – We hope you are adjusting to the extra time at home. Our music staff our looking forward to catching up and touching base with families this week. Stay well. *

Sending our thoughts out to everyone right now. Take time, stay safe, take care and stay in contact with each other on the phone or online.

While we take time to see how we can best support students/families in the upcoming period away from the school building here are a couple of fun things to pass the time.

VIrtual Band/Virtual Choir – Download the sheet music, record yourself and be part of the biggest international band or choir in the world!

the Arkells – Online music lessons from the band the Arkells

Live/recorded Music Streams– Keep your eyes peeled for free streaming of mulitple genres of music over the next while. In the meantime the Berlin Philharmonic and London Symphony orchestra are among as slew of Orchestras streaming concerts for free.

To improve on your instrument and practice at home see some sites below.


Music Racer: (gamified note naming and fingerings)

Music Theory:

More Music Theory:


Flute Trainer:

Oboe Trainer:

Bassoon Trainer:

Saxophone Trainer:

Brass Trainer:

Keyboard Trainer:

Percussion Basics & more:


Rhythm practice:



Mad Minute Note Naming:

Music Writing



Music Reading:

Sight Reading Factory:


Ninja Tuner:

Fun Music:

Division Band Rehearsals continue.

Just to update everyone in relation to current teacher sanctions. As Division rehearsals are curricular they will continue and are not effected by the current sanctioned teaching hours.

This Mondays rehearsal on the 16th of March will take place in Asquith as normal.

Please stay tuned for information in regards to other upcoming events this school year. We will update as we received information.

East Division Classes in Clavet tomorrow

Just a reminder the East Division classes take place at Clavet tomorrow March 2nd.

Coming up:

  • March 2nd/23rd – East Division Classes at Clavet
  • March 13th – Potential Senior day retreat (in lieu of missed rehearsal) tbc
  • March 16th/30th – West Division Classes at Asquith
  • April 2nd – Resonate (Senior Band Day)
  • April 4th – Junior Band (Grade 6/7 students)
  • April 8th – East/West Senior Band perform at Watrous Festival