First Division Hub Classes this Wednesday September 19th

Hello and welcome back!

Our first Division Classes are on the way this coming Wednesday. Please see the attached below about the new ensemble choices. Students will be asked to pick their top four ensembles for the breakout classes.

All our ensembles will combine with the West classes for our concerts this year.

All students have to fill in a bus form —>  Bus-Form-2018-19                                                                                                 (Pick up and drop off times are found in the bus form)

Sample: East Hub Ensembles – 2018/19

Division Winds  (Intermediate/Senior)

  • Style: Traditional, Classical, Original, Contemporary
  • Who: All Students grades 7-12
  • Instrumentation: Instrumental music/limited Vocal
  • Concepts: Improvisation Classical, Traditional, original, Contemporary music
  • Performance Opportunities: Winter Concert, Optimist Festival, Watrous Festival, Spring Concert, Music Monday/Resonate In-division Tour

Sectional Ensembles –      Woodwind/ Brass/ Percussion

  • Style: Small Ensemble
  • Who: All Students, broken into 3 like sections
  • Instrumentation: Brass/Percussion/Woodwinds
  • Concepts: Small Ensembles, Instrumental Techniques, Music Appreciation
  • Performance Opportunities: Small Ensemble performances at Winter/Spring Concert/In-division Tour/Watrous Festival

Techniques Class:                                                                                        

  • Style: 1 on 1 lesson
  • Who: All Students pulled out of the course of the year from sessions 1 and 2
  • Instrumentation: Brass/Percussion/Woodwinds
  • Concepts: Technique, Musicianship, Skills, Coursework, Solo performance
  • Performance Opportunities: Watrous Music Festival, Winter/Spring Concert


  • Style: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Pep Band, Soul, Pop
  • Who: Anyone with interesting in performing/singing
  • Instrumentation: Instrumental music/limited Vocal
  • Concepts: Improvisation, Songwriting, Transcription, Arranging, History, Theory, Performance
  • Performance Opportunities – Resonate Gala, Winter Concert, Bassement Jazz Night, In-Division Tour, Spring Concert


  • Style Choir, Acappella, Folk Music, First Nations Storytelling, Musical Theatre, Beat Poetry.
  • Who: Anyone with an interest in Singing, no experience necessary
  • Instrumentation: Vocal music with limited instrumental
  • Concepts: Songwriting, Transcription/Arranging, History, Harmony Analysis, Structure, music appreciation


  • Style: Percussion Ensemble
  • Who: Any Student – no percussion experience necessary
  • Instrumentation: Percussion Instruments
  • Concepts: Rhythm Awareness, Body Percussion, Drumline
  • Performance Expectations: Winter/Spring Concerts, Watrous Music Festival, In-Division Tour, Music Monday/Resonate

 STRUNG    *New for 2018/19

  • Style: Guitar ensemble/combo
  • Who: Any that plays/wants to learn Guitar
  • Concepts: Intro Sept-Jan Advanced Jan-June.


Fantastic Free Concertst this weekend

Happy Mid Summer! There are Four unmissable concerts over the coming days happening in and around the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) featuring some of the best musicians in the world. All of the concerts are either free or admission by donation.

  • Tonight (Thursday August 9th) – World Class Recital featuring: Glyn Williams (Euphonium) Helen Williams (Flugel Horn) Al Kay (Trombone) Dr. Michelle Colton (Percussion) and a faculty Quintet also featuring Dean McNeill and Aaron Bueckert (Trumpet)    7:00pm at Convocation Hall (U of S Campus)
  • Friday August 10th – An Evening with Al Kay, featuring the Gerard Weber Group. 8:30pm at 2nd Avenue Grill, An evening of Jazz for all Ages.
  • Saturday August 11th – Brass Band Gala Concert featuring Helen Williams and Michelle Colton 7:00pm at Quance Theatre in the Education Building (UofS)
  • Sunday August 12th – Percussion Gala Concert 1:00pm, Quance Theatre 

See below for more information and hope to see some of you there!

Happy Summer – SBA Band Camps


Hope you are enjoying the start to the summer. If you want to do some playing, improve your musical ability, meet new people while having a great time check out the Saskatchewan Band Association Band Camps. It is not too late to register if you are interested and they are fantastic day camps.

They are held in different places across the province. For more info check out this link:

Year End – Instrument returns – Senior Coursework

Senior Students – All Course work/Skills due by June 25th  (can be emailed)

  • Grade 10-25         45 Skills      3 concert Reviews
  • Grade 7-9             30 Skills      1 concert Review

Grade 6 – Instrument return   Grade 6 – Continuing Music Education

All Grade 6 students that have borrowed instruments and will not be continuing instrumental music next year need to return the instruments to the music room at their home school.

  • The instruments must be cleaned and in the state they were given by Monday June 25th.
  • Please attach your name on a piece of paper in/on the case to give us a quicker route to knowing who has returned their instruments.

Division HuB open House this Wednesday – June 6th (grade 6-12)

Hope you made the most of the great weather today and enjoyed the weekend. Huge congratulations to Kenton and Kira Simonson who took part in the first ever Saskatoon Youth Honour Brass this past weekend. They joined students from 15 different schools in and around Saskatoon.

A reminder to any grade 6 interested in coming to the Division Open Rehearsal this coming Wednesday. Please confirm attendance tommorow to your school Admin assistant so we can judge numbers for Bowling and Pizza. The bus permission form has to be handed in by Wednesday to attend but confirmation MUST be made tomorrow if you wish to come.

Weekend Concert Opportunity! – Saskatoon Youth Honour Brass

For Seniors needing a concert to review for their coursework, younger students to be inspired or just a great show to come watch, come support our 6 fantastic Prairie Spirit School Division Students taking part in a HUGE concert at Centennial Collegiate.

6 students from Prairie Spirit East and West are taking part in the first every Saskatoon Youth Honour Brass featuring Highschool students from 15 different schools! See below poster! Have a fantastic weekend wherever you are!

Division Hub Class – Grade 6 Open House – June 6th

Congrats to our West Music Program on their fantastic concert last night and thanks to the East students that made the trip to Martensville.

Inviting all interested grade 6’s: June 6th Division Hub Open House

Grade 6 – Division Hub Open House

All current Grade 6’s are invited to come join and experience the final Division Hub Classes of the year on June 6th at Allan School.

Following the completion of the grade 5/6 instrumental portion of their K-9 music education, students are invited to continue on their instruments through joining the 7-12 music education classes at their homeschool and/or Division Rehearsals bi-weekly (weds) at Allan school. ALL students will however continue the music portion of Arts education to completion with their homeroom teacher or other in grades 7-9.

Why join Division classes?

  • Diversity of playing options not limited to your current instruments (see second page)
  • Collaboration with students from across the division
  • Opportunity to Travel for Trips, Tours and special events
  • Opportunity to work with world class clinicians
  • Working with multiple instructors at the Division Hub Classes
  • Growth: Personal, physical, emotional, cognitive, and social

June 6th Schedule

  • 12pm – Students are bussed from their home school with the seniors to Allan
  • 1pm – Welcome
  • 1:15pm – Winds Rehearsal
  • 1:45pm – Break out activities – students will rotate to experience all ensembles offered at Division Classes (see page 2 for more details)                  
  • 3:15 Bowling and Pizza at Allan Bowl – Kindly donated by the Band Parents Association
  • 5:00pm Depart
  • What to Bring: Your instrument, Music, Pencil, water bottle


PERMISSION FORM : Please complete and return to your school admin assistant by June 4th

I approve of my child __________ To ride the bus to Allan School on June 6th

Date:                                         Parent/Guardians Signature:


Concert Thanks and upcoming events

What a great evening! Thanks to everyone for a fantastic concert and congratulations to the Grade 5/6 Music students, RhythmBox, Senior Winds and special guests Stone Frigate Big Band. Pictures to follow.

Thanks again to our wonderful and supporting staff/Admins at our 7 East Schools and Clavet for hosting.

  • Anyone that wants an encore is welcome at the West Division Concert at Martensville Highschool this coming Wednesday at 7pm.
  • All Grade 6’s are invited to the last Division Band rehearsal on June 6th. More Info to follow

We look forward to seeing everyone in their homeschool classes this week.

Help with 5/6’s needed – Bus times for Spring Concert tomorrow


The Spring concert is just 31 hours away!

We desperately still need parents to help supervise the grade 5/6 students before the concert (while other groups rehearse) and at the start directing 5/6 to seats. Please let me know if you can help. 

Please see the bus times to take students to Clavet for tomorrows concert. Remember to bring concert dress (Black pants/skirt, white top/blouse/dress shirt, Black smart shoes) and supper to eat at Clavet.

Seniors please help the grade 5/6 students

  • Clavet students will help set up after school and before their rehearsals.

Bus #1 – Kessa Monar – Colonsay – 3:10p.m.; Allan – 3:25p.m. – Clavet – ONE WAY ONLY

Bus #2 – Gary Grady – Hanley – 3:05p.m.; Dundurn-3:25p.m.; SCP-3:45p.m. – Clavet – ONE WAY ONLY

Bus #3 – Walter Martens – 3:05p.m. – Aberdeen – Clavet – ONE WAY ONLY

Week Ahead Notes: No In-Division Tour

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend.

Just over a week until our Spring Concert in Clavet.

Grade 5/6 should be working on:     Jester Dance, Dr. Rock, Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 (solid state and first blues)

There is no In-Division tour this coming week May 24th/25th. There is Division rehearsal at Allan on the 23rd However.

All Senior Students from East and West are invited to attend both concerts the following week May 28th at Clavet School and May 30th at Martensville High School. East Students will be bussed to Clavet but will need to arrange transportation to Martensville.