Music Credit Options 10/20/30

We are in the process of confirming enrollment and dictating where in person classes can resume. The music team want to eliminate as many barriers to studying music as we can within the remit of curricular hours. To address starting back please fill in and return the short survey below


Gaining a credit over the course of the year (Pull-out)

  • Division Hub Classes (Bi-Weekly)- Starting November 1st

        Students from across the division combine from 1-3pm bi-weekly for group activities and classes. (online until guidelines dictate otherwise)

  • In-School Class/Asynchronous time (50 mins-1 hour weekly – mornings)

        The music staff will be visiting 6 schools (to start) with the highest enrollment that meeting provincial guidelines for a weekly 1-hour class. Student in other communities will be assigned Asynchronous time (working in your own time to pre-recorded or assigned work)

  • 1-on-1 Lesson – 20 minute checking during the week (Flexible time to meet student scheduling)

Gaining a credit in one term (In timetable)

  • Every morning 8:50am-12pm daily via Google Classroom
  • A mix of Synchronous and Asynchronous class time and assignments
  • A condensed version of the year course
  • Choice of specialization in credit options (ex: General Music, Band, Vocal etc..)


Please copy and paste/fill in and return to

Or use this word file

  1. Are you interested in pursuing a music class at this time:
  • Interested (please rank preferences in order below)
  • Not at this time

2. What works best for me (please fill in preferences)

 This works for meI could make it work No way Jose
Pull out Division Class
*1-3pm Bi-weekly all year
1-on-1 Weekly lesson (20 min)   
(working in your own time to pre-recorded or assigned work)
In Person
(1 hour weekly all year)
In Timetable Online Credit course
(9-12 only)
*if none of the above please provide a suggestion to another option that would work for you.