Fundraiser Thanks and Band Fees due.

Thank you for a fantastic fundraiser. This first time event this was a great start to the year and lots of fun!

Division Band performing

Special thanks also to all the Students, Parents, BPA members, Ms. Schmidt, Mr. Black coming back to help out on Oboe, Clavet School for hosting and the Saskatoon Brass Band for being our wonderful guest performing ensemble.

If anyone has an media, photos or videos you took at the event please forward them on to Mr. Martin or Ms. Thompson.


BAND FEES DUE: Division Students (Grade 7-12) your band fees are due for this year. Please see the attached form here:       Band Fees PDF             Band Fees – Word

The Band fee covers uniform and personal folder costs in addition to uniform maintenance.

You can e-transfer, write cheques or pay cash to the BPA. Please contact Charmaine Himbeault for more information  

Week Ahead – Fundraiser Concert this Wednesday at Clavet

A reminder that the next PSSD Fundraiser is this coming Wednesday (October 25th) 7pm at Clavet School. The Division (Senior Band) will be performing with special guests “The Saskatoon Brass Band” for a great evening of music from the movies.

Any ticket sheets should be handed in to your Music teacher or school admin assistant tomorrow (Monday 23rd October). Tickets will also be available on the door on concert night.

  • All music students in PSSD and children under 10 have free entry to this concert, Adult tickets are $15, students over the age of 10 are $10.
  • Tickets will be available on the door if you didn’t get a presale “guestlist ticket” from a band student.
  • The concert starts at 7pm and will be finished by 8:30pm
  • Division Band students will be bussed to Clavet after Division rehearsal to set up for the concert. The will need to bring supper with them and will also need to make their own way home after the concert.


Grade 5 – Reviewing Classroom procedure with instruments, Working on first 5 sounds (Basic Band Booklet), Note Names and note values. Songs from Basic Band.

Grade 6 – Working on Kickstart, First Christmas Tunes, Chorales and Lesson 5/6 Soundstart. Note Names, Symbols game.

Seniors – Coffee House –  Gender and equality in Music. Homework Due (Songlist representing Gender in Music)

Movie Concert Fundraiser next Wednesday at Clavet

Happy Wednesday!

Just a reminder that the Senior Band students will be performing a Movie Themed Fundraiser concert with the Saskatoon Brass Band on Wednesday October 25th, 7pm at Clavet School. All proceeds go to the students fundraising account and to purchase instruments.

Tickets are $15 for Adults, $10 for students and children under 10 free.

Students will be bussed from their Allan rehearsal next week direct to Clavet to help set up for the concert.

Concert Repertoire: Students will be performing –

  • Highlights from Harry Potter
  • Somewhere in my Memory
  • Everything is Awesome. 

Concert Dress: Either Dress smart or come in a movie related costume!

Transport: students are bussed to Clavet but will need to be picked up and taken home from Clavet.

Concert Duration: The concert should be finished by 8:30pm.

This is a fundraiser for students and for the program to fund the purchase of instruments. Students are selling tickets via a guest list but tickets will also be available on the door at Clavet.

Ticket form: Night at the Movies Guest List

Poster: Movie Concert Poster

Week ahead!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful thanksgiving. This coming Wednesday is our Third Division Hub Classes in Allan. Attendance is hugely important with our first performance just around the corner.

‘A Night at the Movies’ PSSD East Fundraiser Concert October 25th, Clavet School @ 7pm

The second fundraiser of the year will place on Wednesday October 25th at Clavet School. With special guests “The Saskatoon Brass Band”, Prairie Spirit East Senior Band presents “A Night at the Movies”. A fundraiser concert and evening of music in film and fun for all featuring performances from the senior band, Saskatoon Brass Band and special guests.

Tickets for the event are $15 for adults $10 for students and Children under 10 free. All students are able to sell tickets using this form: Night at the Movies Guest List.  50% of the ticket price will go to the student that sells the tickets family fundraising account and 50% goes towards the purchase of instruments primarily for the grade 5/6 music programs.


All beginners are now starting work with instruments although we are still awaiting a few instruments from our supplier to get everyone started. For the first few weeks students are using a free online workbook and resource called Basic Band.

Using their website students have access to videos and a printable handbook (all students have been given) which help the student get the basics of playing posture, embouchure (muscles in the mouth used), breathing, setting up the instrument and how to clean the instrument among other important informational videos.

Resources for beginner band:

Basic Band   – Click on the drop down menu and select your instrument

  •        page 2/3 basic set up and sound
  •        page 4/5 pitches and notes
  •        page 8/9 first five notes

Optional free app:  Band Blast

  • An excellent fun learning tool with games and playing tips from professionals.


Week Ahead September 25th


Cookie Dough Fundraiser Due this Wednesday:

Just a reminder that the first fundraiser of the year is due this coming Wednesday September 27th.  

More information here:

Order Form



Grade 5 start up

While we are still working on the basics of music fundamentals and note reading, the Grade 5’s will also be starting their instrumental instruction next week (October 2nd) please ensure that you bring your instrument to classes from then on.

Grade 6 

We are in full flow and starting to prepare for our winter concert season after three weeks of getting back to basics. PLEASE ensure the your instruments come to class for instruction. 


This is an Allan Division Class week. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday to work on our upcoming concert on October 25th at Clavet School.

This week is also a concepts/composition week in your regular weekly class. Please remember to have your instrument and relevant materials for class.

Week Ahead

Pick of the Week

To follow the Senior Coffee House Film Music Theme, check out this musical trick.


Registration: Make sure you have signed up online for music classes. If you did so last year you only need to do it again if details have changed or need updating.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser: See details and forms in the previous post below. Printed forms are being handed out by Ms. Thompson and Mr. Martin.

Lesson outlines:

Grade 5 – Continuing exploring how music affects the community and world we live in. Early music reading, Solfege.

Grade 6 – Soundstart lesson 4 and 5, new music, rhythm reading and recap.

Grade 7-12 – Coffee House – Music in Film. (Students Bring Snacks)

– Music Concept Classes from Thursday.

Class Schedule
   Mr Martin                                     Ms. Thompson
Monday:           Clavet

Aberdeen (From 11:30am)

Tuesday:          Colonsay                                           Hanley

SCP                                              Dundurn

Wednesday:       Clavet

West Division Rehearsal in Asquith

Thursday:         Allan                                                Hanley

Colonsay                                           Dundurn

Friday:            Clavet



Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Due September 27th – Get Selling

Our first Fundraiser for the year is underway. See Mr. Martin or Ms. Thompson for forms or download the information here –> Information    Order Form

Orders are due in to Mrs. Schmidt at Division Classes on September 27th. For anyone fundraising not at Division Classes you can give your forms to Mr. Martin or Ms. Thompson.

About Fundraising

  • Fundraising is for anyone taking instrumental music but is entirely optional.
  • Money raised goes into your family account.
  • Family Account money is tracked by the Band Parents Association and can be used to pay for trips, tours, band fees (Grade 7-12), Private Music lessons, Buying an instrument or paying for a rental.
  • For more information please contact your band teacher.
  • Fundraising creates a sense of ownership and responsibility in students that reaps its own rewards.

1 more sleep until the first division classes! (Grades 7-12 only)

Its on..

Bus times for Division Hub Classes in Allan:

Bus Timetable

Aberdeen – Driver: Gail Semchyshen – Bus 265

Pick up in Aberdeen – 12:00p.m.                                         Leave Allan – 4:40p.m.

Arrive in Allan – 12:50p.m.                                           Arrive in Aberdeen – 5:40p.m.

Dundurn/Hanley – Driver: Brenda King – Bus #166

Pick up in Hanley – 12:05p.m.                                    Leave Allan – 4:40p.m.

Arrive in Allan – 12:50p.m.                                     Arrive in Dundurn – 5:35p.m.

South Corman Park/Clavet/Colonsay – Driver: Dawn Loessin – Bus #210

Pick up at Clavet – 12:10p.m.                               Leave Allan – 4:40p.m.

Pick up in Colonsay – 12:40p.m.                       Arrive in Colonsay – 4:50p.m

Arrive in Allan – 12:55p.m.                         Arrive in Clavet – 5:15p.m

These are all estimates only. Once the first time is done, there may be some time adjustments.

Parents or car pool MAY still pick up students from Allan after rehearsal time.

** Parents interested in becoming a bus driver please contact the BUS GARAGE

@ 374-2496**

** All students on busses MUST abide by the School Division Bus Policy**