Coming Soon: Music - BozoSport

Upcoming Friday Events:

  • Friday Performance Series (open to students/siblings/parents etc.) Open to anyone interested in doing a live or pre-recorded performance on an upcoming Friday. This could be a solo/duet/trio if you have family members or want to use editing software to mult-track record yourself. Please email your teacher if you would like to do this or want more information!
  • Masterclasses/Q&A’s/Panel Discussions We will be hosting a series of live masterclasses, panel discussions and Question and Answer sessions with different professional musicians in one of the Friday timeslots. Feel free to let us know what type of musicians you would like to see and what subjects, types of music or instruments etc. you would like to talk about!
  • Music Monday The annual world music day is on Monday May 4th think what you might want to do to celebrate and watch this space!

It’s Virtually Resonate… The Resonate team is working on taking Resonate student music conference online. Details to follow.

Virtual Band Tour – What? How? Let us know what you think this could look like.

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