South Corman Park Schedule

Prairie Spirit East Bands

Attendance at all classes is essential for success of the groups and part of on-going student assessment.

SCP Band Schedule (Days 3/C & 5/E)

Dates may be changed if needed

Sept-23 Sept-27 Oct-3 Oct-5* (No Class)
Oct-13 Oct-17 Oct-21 Oct-25
Oct-31 Nov-2* (No Class) Nov-8 Nov-10
Nov-18 Nov-22 Nov-28 Nov-30* (No Class)
Dec-6 Dec-8 Dec-14* (No Class) Dec-16
* No Classes – Mr.
Martin will be in
Asquith for West
Division Rehearsal

Intermediate Band – 1:45-2:30pm

Beginner Band – 2:30-3:15pm