Yesterday, both the Junior and Senior Bands performed at the Twin Rivers Festival in Dalmeny. Both groups did a wonderful performance and impressed our adjudicator. As well, we were given a great workshop after the performance! Great work everyone!

Dalmeny Festival -Tuesday, March 24

On Tuesday, March 24 the Junior and Senior Bands will be performing at the Twin Rivers Music Festival in Dalmeny.  We will have buses picking up students early in the morning from Delisle, Vanscoy, Perdue, Asquith, Borden and Langham as we will need to be at the church to set up at 8:45.

Buses will be leaving from Delisle Comp at 7:30, Vanscoy at 7:45, Perdue at 7:30, Asquith at 7:45, Borden at 8:00 and Langham(WWB) at 8:15. Don’t be late as the bus will not be waiting for late arrivals!  All students from Dalmeny should arrive at 8:30 to help unload the equipment van and set up.  Arrive in your band uniform.  You can bring clothes to change into after we perform.  Do not forget your instrument and music!!

We would love to have parents come out to watch and encourage us! If you are planning to come and bring your child with you, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can let the bus drivers know.

Junior Band will be performing at 9:30 and Senior Band will be performing at 10:30.  After our performances we will load the van and buses and head back to the schools.  If you have a long bus ride, bring your lunch with you as you won’t have time to eat it otherwise.

For those of you playing solos or quartets, you will be performing in the afternoon and will have to provide your own transportation home. I hope that carpools can be arranged at each community.  I do not have exact times for everyone yet, but it will be between 1:00 and 3:30.  You can stay at the church and wait and will have to bring your lunch with you.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Feb 6th – Al Kay and Brass Quintet

Al Kay and Brass Quintet (including Mr. Streisel) on Friday, February 6 at Warman Middle School.  About 25 of our band students were in the audience at this wonderful concert!




We have been invited to attend a concert at the WCMS in Warman on Friday, February 6 at 10:00am! As all Band students would find this very educational and informative (as well as entertaining), the Brass players in particular would find this to be an excellent performance in which they would learn many aspects of performing on brass instruments.  I expect that the concert would end near noon.

I know that this is short notice, and transportation would have to be arranged by parents (I encourage carpooling whenever possible), and it is during school time, but it would be great if we could have as many students as possible attend.  Parents/drivers are more than welcome to attend as well!

Please let me know via email at as soon as you can so that I can let the organizers of the event know and help arrange rides for those that cannot find rides, as well as let the schools know of your absence from class.

Marcy Racicot
PSSD West Band Teacher

Al Kay and Brass Quartet
10:00am, Friday, February 6
Warman Community Middle School Auditorium


Development Artist – YSL697Z, Renowned Soloist and Teacher


ALASTAIR KAY is a consummate trombone soloist who currently leads the trombone section of Rob McConnell’s Grammy Award-winning jazz ensemble The Boss Brass. He has worked with leading symphony orchestras as well as entertainers such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. One of the busiest musicians on the planet, Al also finds time to chair the brass department at Toronto’s Humber College. Al is the International Development Artist for Yamaha’s Lead Trombone, the YSL697Z, and the Al Kay Signature mouthpiece

Band News for February 2015

We are now into the busy part of the Band Year – Festivals, tours and other performances!  Remember that to do our best as a group everyone needs to practice and know their own parts as an individual, as well as attend all rehearsals.   Here are a few highlights of events to watch for in the coming months:

U of S High School Select Band – This is a band formed by top students in the province and this year we have 5 Senior Band students representing PSSD West Band! Ashley Nuefeld, Kezia Fourie, Jessica Nicholls, Rylee Fyson and Garrett Whelan are all participating in the group rehearsals on January 30- February 1.  There will be a concert at the University of Saskatchewan Education Building (Quance Theatre) on February 1 at 1:00.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

February 6 – Warman Community Middle School is hosting a concert by Al Kay and a brass quintet.  We have been invited to attend. Information is on the blog

March 19-20 – PSSD Music Conference for Grade 7-12 students- More information will be given out as it becomes available.

March 24 – Senior and Junior Bands perform at the Twin Rivers Music Festival in Dalmeny.  Busing will be provided and more details to follow as the schedule has not been made yet.

April 30-May 3 – Senior Band tour.  Senior Students can expect more information in the coming weeks on tour as it is being planned now.

May 4 – Music Monday

May 23 – Junior Band tour to Regina (Springfest Music Festival).  More information will be out as soon as we have information back from the Festival.

May 27 –7:00-8:30pm Spring Concert in Delisle- Beginner, Junior, Senior and Jazz Bands performing.

May 28, 29 – In division tour (performances at our schools) This will be Senior and Jazz on Thursday and Junior and Jazz on Friday.

There will not be any band classes in June as this is the time when we recruit the Beginners from the Grade 4 classes.

How to Practice

A Guide for Parents/Guardians with Children in Band

Learning a musical instrument is a family affair. Your child needs your guidance and encouragement to make steady progress, to overcome learning hurdles and to enjoy and feel good about the process. Band class mainly focuses on the improvement of the group. Therefore, individual music practice is absolutely necessary if your child want to become a better musician.

  • Your child may need reminders and encouragement to practice. Establish a time of day to practice that works best for your child and for you.
    • 15-20 Minutes, every other day is a good place to start (this does not include setting up and taking apart the instrument). If your student wants to practice longer, then let them
  • Help your child set up a special place at home to practice. The space should be free of distraction. It should have good lighting, a folding music stand and a firm, straight-backed chair to promote correct posture and breathing (standing is fine too).
  • Encourage your child to practice with the CD in their method book. These CDs match up with what they should practice in their method book and show good tone, rhythm, note length, pitch and they are fun to play with. The “Tradition of Excellence” book also includes a DVD with beginner lessons for their specific instrument.
  • Take an interest in what your child is learning. Praise your child for each step forward. NEVER make negative or discouraging remarks about how your child’s playing sounds. It takes time and effort to produce musical sounds. Offer encouragement and show that you’re interested in how your child is doing. The important thing is to remember is that consistent practice will yield results. Students will get out of it what they put into it.
  • The fastest way to get better at in instrument is to take private lessons outside of school time. They will help your child progress much more quickly and could also help them become more motivated on their instrument. If your child is interested in the possibility of a private lesson contact me ( and I will give you some suggestions for professional teachers for your child’s specific instrument.

A few final thoughts: Learning and mastering a musical instrument is an accomplishment to be proud of. It can build self-esteem, confidence and socialization skills. It is an interest and a skill that can last a lifetime. Parents play an important, supportive role in creating an environment that will foster steady progress and enjoyment.

~ Adam Streisel