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Prairie Spirit West Alumni/Community band

This is more for parents or families with students that might have come through the program or even want to start learning an instrument, we are starting up the Prairie Spirit West Alumni/Community band in November. It is open to anyone that has left high school, not just Prairie Spirit graduates, there is no fee and rehearsals will be bi-weekly starting on Wednesday, November 20th, 6:00-7:15pm at Lord Asquith School.

Lemony Snicket’s the Composer is Dead

Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra – Lemony Snicket’s the Composer is Dead
The show is based around a murder mystery childrens book by Lemony Snicket at 2:30pm on November 2nd at Elim Church (419 Slimmon Road, Saskatoon) and tickets are $13 for students/children,  $18 for seniors and $23 for adults. But Mr. Martin can get an additional 20% knocked off all tickets if we order in bulk. He will need to have a firm response by Wednesday, October 30th though if people want to go. People can contact him by email or phone 306-281-9930.  It is a good ELA and music crossover opportunity but will also be a really great, fun show.

Here is the blurb from the website:
Live from the concert hall: the composer is dead! In this wacky musical mystery, penned by children’s author Lemony Snicket, everyone is a suspect, has a motive, and is a musical instrument!   Discover the orchestra as the Inspector interrogates suspects. Plus, there’s mystery music from The Pink Panther, James Bond, Star Wars, and more. Come in your best detective costume!

October News

October News

September has flown by and we are now into the fall season of band.  All of the beginners have started playing their first few notes and the Grade 6-12 band students are back into the swing of things.   Now, we all just have to remember that practicing is the ONLY way we will get better.

Rehearsals on Mondays (Senior) and Wednesdays (Junior) are not Extra Curricular! This time is Curricular and if you do not attend with a valid reason from your parents you are marked absent, just like any other class.

On that note, the Winter Concert Date is set for Wednesday, December 11 in Asquith at 7:00-8:30pm. This concert will showcase our 4 bands; Beginner, Junior Concert, Senior Symphonic Winds and Jazz.  Please be sure to secure this date as it is critical for every student to be there.

On Wednesday, November 27 the Beginner Band will have a rehearsal at the same time as Junior Concert Band (4:15-5:30) in Asquith.  The beginners can take the bus to and from Asquith that day, but please remember that they will be dropped off at their home schools after.  Parents will need to pick them up from their home school after the bus takes them back.