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Festival Summary

The past week for band students has sure been exciting!

On Wednesday, March 19 the Senior Band went to Regina to perform at the Centre for the Arts for the Optimist Band Festival.  This was a great experience and they played well and received a Bronze rating!  After the performance they were able to work with the adjudicator on how to ‘fine tune’ their performance.

The next day, on Thursday, March 20 the Junior Concert Band also went to Regina to the Optimist Band Festival at the Centre of the Arts.  We had to leave very early (6:00am) to be there in time to perform and they all woke up in time.  There were a lot of nerves performing on such a big stage and the first piece was not our best, but we got it together and did a great job on the second piece.  They received a Bronze rating as well! They also worked with their adjudicator after their performance and learned a few new things.   After our performance, we went to Laserquest for a couple  rounds of laser tag, and everyone had a great time!

On Tuesday, March 25 the Junior Concert, Beginner and Senior Bands took part in the Twin Rivers Music Festival in Dalmeny.  We started with the Junior Band at 9:00 and played without the nerves that we had in Regina.  The whole performance went much better and then we had the opportunity to work with our adjudicator as well.  They received a mark of 82%.

The Beginner Band played at their very first festival and did great!  Both pieces that they played were great and they should be very proud! They received a mark of 82% as well.

The Senior Band not only did a wonderful performance, but they  even helped out the Beginners as they were getting set up and warmed- up back stage.  The Senior Band performance was much better than they did in Regina.  We really saw how much that a big stage can affect our nerves, and how our nerves can affect our performance.   They received some great comments from the adjudicator and were given a mark of 84%.

Great work everyone!  I am truly proud of all of your hard work this past week.  This was not easy as we have had some rehearsals cancelled in the past months due to buses not running.  As well, everyone represented our schools and division in an outstanding way.  Your behavior on and off stage was noticed by everyone and I am very lucky to be working with such great students!

Twin Rivers Music Festival in Dalmeny

On Tuesday, March 25 all of the band students (Beginner, Junior Concert and Senior) will be taking part in the Twin Rivers Music Festival in Dalmeny at the Bible Church, 406 Wakefield Ave.  The Beginner Band will perform from at 9:00, followed by the Junior and Senior bands.

Buses will pick up students early Tuesday morning (7:30 Perdue, 7:45 Asquith, 8:00 Delisle, 8:15 Vanscoy.  8:00 Borden, 8:15 WW Brown- Langham).  The buses will take them back, leaving Dalmeny at 12:00.  If you wish to drive with your child to Dalmeny, please just let me know in advance.  Dalmeny town students are expected to come to the Bible Church at 8:20 to help unload the truck and set up.  There will not be any transportation for Dalmeny students.  It is expected that they walk back to school when they are dismissed at 12:00.  Please send a bag lunch if they are not a Dalmeny student as they will not get a chance to eat when they get back to their schools.

As this is a performance, please remember to wear the Beginner Band uniform, which is; black pants, black shirt, black shoes.

This is a great opportunity for our students to take part in a provincial music festival and we all appreciate your support!  All parents are welcome to be there to listen and support all of the band students at this performance!

Marcy Racicot
PSSD West Band Teacher