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May and June 2014 PSSD West Band Schedule

May 8 and 9 – Senior Band Tour. Leave Asquith at 8:00am.  Return to Asquith at 6:00pm May 9.

Wednesday, May 21 – Beginner and Junior rehearsal in Asquith.  Beginners take the bus with Juniors after school.  The bus to go back to your school will leave Asquith at 5:30.

Wednesday, May 28 – Spring Concert at 7:00 in Dalmeny High School. Senior, Junior, Beginner and Jazz Band.

Thursday, May 29 In Division Tour – Junior Band and Jazz performing at 9:15 at Dalmeny HS (Prairie View walk over), 11:15 at Langham Elementary, and 1:30 at Borden School.

Monday, June 2In Division Tour – Senior Band and Jazz performing at 9:15 at Vanscoy, 11:15 at Delisle Elementary and 1:30 at Asquith (Perdue bus to Asquith).

*The In Division Tour is a recruiting concert aimed at Grade 3-6 students, but all grades are welcome to attend.

May 30 – Grade 4 recruiting at Borden, LES and Prairie View School.

June 4 – Grade 4 recruiting at Vanscoy, Asquith and Perdue.

June 5 – Grade 4 instrument demos – Langham, Dalmeny and Borden.

June 6 – Grade 4 instrument demos – Delisle and Vanscoy

June 9 – Grade 4 instrument demos- Perdue and Asquith

Testing– I will be taking all the band students individually for their final test.  We can arrange the times at a later date.

June 10 – Vanscoy
June 12 – Langham (WWBrown and LES)
June 13 – Dalmeny (HS and Prairie View )
June 16 – Asquith
June 17 – Borden (morning) and Perdue (afternoon)