Beginner Band

A band instrument demonstration will be held at each school in June for the grade 4 classes.  At this demonstration, all interested students are encouraged to try an instrument of their choice.   Parents are welcome to attend.

The following is a brief description of the Prairie Spirit School Division Band (West) Program:

  1. The program is open to Grades 5 – 12 (students may start in any grade).
  2. Instruction is given in school on a regular six-day school cycle.  All instruction for first-year students will be given at their home school.
  3. Junior Band – (Band students in their second and third year) is held at Asquith every Wednesday from 4:15 – 5:30 p.m.  (This is in addition to the regular instruction given during the school day – students are transported by school bus)
  4. All students are required to practice 2-1/2 hours per six-day cycle (30 min./day).
  5. Instruments are rented by individual students from music stores in Saskatoon. 


 Instruments                           Preferred Brand Names (in order of preference)

Flute                                         Yamaha, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt

Clarinet                                    Buffet, Yamaha, Vito (No Bundy)

Alto Sax                                   Yamaha, Vito, Evette (No Bundy)

Trumpet                                   Getzen, Yamaha, Bach, King (No Bundy)

Trombone                                Getzen, Yamaha, Bach, King

Bell Kit                                     Yamaha

French Horn                            Yamaha, Getzen, Bach, King

Baritone                                   Yamaha

*Bundy instruments are not usable*


INSTRUCTION BOOKS & FEES (non-refundable):

Books are available from the Band Director.

Percussion (Method Book & Theory Book)    $15.00

All other Instruments (Method Book & Theory Book)        $15.00

Band Fee  $20.00

**   Please bring money or a cheque (payable to The Prairie Spirit School Division) for music books on the first day of lessons.  The Band Fee of $20.00 is payable to the Prairie Spirit West Band Parents’ Association and is to be paid at the beginning of the year as well.


St. John’s Music – 640 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon              242-6292

(Instruments may be reserved by telephone.)

DO NOT PURCHASE INSTRUMENTS FROM EBAY, GARAGE SALES, COSTCO, LONDON DRUGS, SEARS, ETC.  Please speak with your Band Director if you have any questions regarding this.


The practice requirement is 30 minutes daily to a total of 150 minutes (2-1/2 hours) per 6-day cycle (i.e., five 30-minute practice sessions).  A Practice Sheet will be kept to be signed by a parent/guardian prior to the next week’s lesson (theory homework does not count as practice time).


Band is a full school year commitment, and is a school class studied over and above the students’ regular classroom courses.  Students will be given some time to try out the program and determine if it is a fit for them and is something they can handle.  Any students wishing to drop band must do so by the deadline, which is October 30th, 2011.  There will be two concert performances during the year, one in early December, and one near the end of May, all students are expected to be in attendance for performances.


Concert attire for Beginners is black dress shirt, black dress pants, black socks, and black dress shoes.

Beginning Band Supply List

These supplies can be purchased at the same store where you rent your instrument.


                                    Cleaning cloth (clarinet hanky swab)
                                    Polishing cloth


                                    10 – #2-strength clarinet reeds – Rico Royal – Blue Box
                                    Clarinet hanky swab (no felt)
                                    Cork grease
                                    Reed guard
                                    Mouthpiece brush 

                                    ALTO SAXOPHONE

                                    10 – #2-strength alto sax reeds – Rico Royal – Blue Box
                                    Alto sax cleaning swab (no felt)
                                    Cork grease
                                    Neck swab
                                    Reed guard
                                    Mouthpiece brush

                                    TRUMPET OR FRENCH HORN

                                    Cleaning snake
                                    1 bottle valve oil – A1 Cass Fast or any clear valve oil (trumpet only)
                                     Slide grease (vaseline will do)
                                     Rotary valve oil (French Horn only)
                                    Mouthpiece brush


                                    Cleaning snake
                                    Spray bottle
                                    Slide cream (not slide oil) – Conn Superslick or Yamaha preferred (or anhydrous lanolin from drugstore)
                                    Tuning slide grease (vaseline will do)
                                    Mouthpiece brush

                                    BARITONE & TUBA

                                    Cleaning snake
                                    1 bottle A1 Cass Fast valve oil or any clear valve oil
                                    Tuning slide grease (vaseline will do)
                                    Mouthpiece brush


                                    1 pair 2B or 5A drumsticks (no plastic tips)
                                    Practice pad (for your sanity – should come with bell kit)