Jazz Band

Jazz students are made up of the Senior Band’s top students and are invited by the band director.  Students may also need to audition for a position.

Audition Requirements:

I.                    Scales:

  • 3 selections from senior concert band list
  • 3 blues scales – see attached list
  • Chromatic scale 2 octaves minimum

II.                  Prepared Pieces:

  • See the Band Director to get music
  • Two selections

III.                Sight Reading Selection

  • one selection

IV.               Practice

  • displays good, consistent practice records for concert band

V.                 Attitude

  • displays consistent, positive attitude, and behavior in concert band

VI.               Concert Band Material

  • can play all current band material

VII.             Commitment

  • students are expected to practice extra time for their jazz music outside of the required concert band time.
  • Jazz students are expected to have a high attendance percentage at both senior and jazz band rehearsals.
  • Jazz students also do more performances throughout the year, and must be prepared to be at all gigs.

All parts of the jazz practical audition will be evaluated according to the following list.  Please keep in mind that although a student may be able to do all of these things well, those who do them the best will be the only ones selected.

  1.  Tone Quality
  2. Rhythm Accuracy
  3. Intonation
  4. Pitch Accuracy
  5. Correct fingerings, including use of appropriate alternates
  6. Accurate Articulations
  7. Phrasing/Breathing
  8. Posture
  9. Dynamics
  10. Tempo

Students wishing to have a lesson  with the band director prior to auditions should set up an appointment in May.

  • Auditions are based on instrumentation, and position availability.
  • Students may be invited into the jazz band without an audition if the director knows them to be capable of the above list.
  • Auditions are open to all students.  However clarinet, and flute players would need to double on a saxophone, and should speak to the band director about availability of borrowed instruments, as we only have a very limited amount.
  • Audition schedule: by request in June


Black collared dress shirt, black dress pants, black socks, and black dress shoes.  Guys in white ties, and girls in white scarves.


Students in Jazz Band do many performances throughout the year in various locations throughout our school division and sometimes in Saskatoon.  A high commitment level is expected in terms of home practice, rehearsal attendance, and performance availability.


We are available to do hired out gigs in Saskatoon and in our rural school division area.  Please call long in advance to arrange a booking and discuss the details of time, venue, and fee.

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