Junior Concert Band

Junior Band consists of students who have completed the first year of the Prairie Spirit (West) band program.  This group is made up of students from the following schools:  Borden, Langham, Asquith, Perdue, Dalmeny, Delisle, and Vanscoy.  Each student is required to spend a minimum of two years in Junior Band before graduating to Senior Band.


Rehearsals are held every Wednesday from September to May in Asquith (where the central band room is located).

Rehearsal times:       Wednesday – 4:15 to 5:30 p.m.


Transportation to rehearsals – school buses pick up students at their school and bring them to rehearsal in Asquith and then returns them to their home school at the end of the rehearsal.


Uniforms consist of a white collared dress shirt, black dress pants and black dress shoes.  Uniforms are not supplied by the band program.  The band program will loan out a crested vest to add to the uniform.


Fees will be $35 for Juniors.


Band is a curricular class, and assessment and evaluations will occur periodically throughout the year.


Band is a full school year commitment and takes all students commitment to function well.  Junior band students will be given time in the fall to adjust to the new band & school year.  If a student is going to drop band they must do so by the drop deadline, which for Juniors, will be October 31st, 2011.  All students are expected to be at all performances and concerts throughout the year.

Practice Sheet:

Only home practice is to be recorded on these charts.  Parents, please sign only for practice that has been completed as this document is used for the student’s final evaluation.  Theory homework does not count as practice time.