Senior Symphonic Winds


Rehearsals are held every Monday from September to May in Asquith.

Rehearsal times:       Mondays- 4:15 to 6:15 p.m.

Transportation:  Students are now transported by school bus from their school to Asquith and then returned back to their home school after senior rehearsal ends.


There are usually  about 5 concerts during the year plus an overnight band tour/festival.  All students are expected to be in attendance for all performances.


Uniforms consist of a black collared dress shirt, black dress pants, and black dress shoes and socks.  These items are the responsibility of the students to obtain for themselves.  The band program will loan out a tie to add to the uniform.


Fees will be $50 per senior student.


Students in senior band will be given some time in the fall to adjust to the new school year.  If a student is going to drop band they must do so by the drop deadline, which for seniors will be October15th.


Band is a curricular class, with credits available to be obtained in grades 10, 11, and 12.  Assessment and evaluation will take place periodically throughout the year.

Practice Sheet:

Only home practice is to be recorded on these charts.  Parents, please sign  only for practice that has been completed as this document is used for the student’s final evaluation.

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