The Prairie Spirit West Band Parents’ Association organizes fundraisers for the band program.  The proceeds go towards band retreats, festivals & tours, band uniforms, etc.


Winter Raffle Tickets
Prizes – Holiday Gift Baskets (total minimum retail value of all prizes $350)
Tickets are $2 each or 3/$5
Draw Date: Monday, December 1st, 2014 at the Winter Band Concert in Asquith
Each student is asked to sell at least one book of tickets.  Each student has also been asked to donate items for the gift baskets (non-perishable food, gift items, etc.)
Donated items must be given to band directors before the October 22nd so that the gift baskets can be put together and a photo/description of the prizes  posted to this band website.  (>> PSWB Winter Raffle Prizes)   Tickets/money must be returned to band directors no later than 6pm on December 1st.  For each book of tickets sold, band students will have their name entered into a student incentive prize draw (3 winner).

  • Winter Raffle – sold $2432 in tickets; expenses were $320, for a Net profit of $2112

Gift Card Fundraiser
Senior band students are being asked to do extra fundraising towards their spring tour. This fundraiser is optional for Junior band students.  Students will be given an order form with a list of Gift Cards available to sell.  These order forms are due by November 17th so that gift cards can be distributed at the Winter Concert on December 1st, before the holiday season.
>> Gift Card Order form 2014
>> Gift Cards Info 2014 (shows the % commission)

  • Gift Card Fundraiser – sold 154 gift cards for a profit of $292.54

Dalmeny band students ran a concession to raise $407.40

Donation from Agrium – Genevieve Gibbard (Agrium Employee), volunteers with the PSW Band Parents Association. Under their Community Participation Program, Agrium made a $300 contribution on her behalf.