Prairie Spirit West Band Parents’ Association

NEXT MEETING – Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 – 5:30 pm at Asquith School

All band parents are members of the parent association.  The association is led by an executive of representatives from each school community.  The Band Parents’ Association meets twice annually to discuss our Christmas fundraiser, organize helpers for the concerts, pay bills, review our finances, and collect the years’ band fees for students in the Junior and Senior bands.

This years’ executive members are:

Chair – Sheila Denis-Albus (Langham)
Treasurer – Brandy Magnus (Asquith)
Past Treasurer- Elissa Brown (Langham)
Secretary – Shannon Wright (Delisle)
Band Directors – Marcy Racicot and Adam Streisel
Borden rep. –
Langham rep. – Sheila Denis-Albus
Dalmeny rep. – Andrea Neufeld
Perdue rep. –
Asquith rep. – Brandy Magnus, Lori Whelan
Vanscoy rep. – Erin Dennis, Genny Gibard
Delisle rep. – Shannon Wright

If you would like to be a representative or would like more information, please contact the band director.

Duties Of Band Parent Association Representatives

  1. Liaise with School SCC to ensure and assure the Band’s needs are met in the school and for community support/advertising for the Band.
  2. Liaise with School Administration to ensure the needs of the Band are met for upcoming performances at their school.
  3. Attend BPA meetings as called by Band teacher or Chairperson.
  4. Promote and support the PS West Band, attend performances, assist in advertising, ideas for venues, ideas for fundraising, etc.
  5. Be an advocate for the Band program in your school, eg. yearbook, school Fine Arts award, etc.
  6. Receive & respond to emails from band teachers regarding band students.
  7. Answer/find out answers for questions received by band students, band parents, or possible new band students and their parents or guide them in the direction of who to contact with the questions.
  8. Advertise band performances, awards, etc. in school newsletter, community bulletin boards and/or sometimes in local paper.  Try to promote band program.
  9. Host the year-end concert when it is in your community.
Secretary Position
  1. Record minutes of meeting and make copies available (email or otherwise) to all members in attendance of said meeting and extra copies for those who may attend next scheduled meeting.
  2. Attend meetings as scheduled by Band teacher or Chairperson.
  3. Maintain an up to date policy binder.
  4. Track the Spring concert location/rotation schedule.
  1. Perform all duties of banking regarding all deposits and withdrawals to the PSWBPA.
  2. Provide receipts for all fees received for fees, etc.
  3. Provide reimbursement (by cheque) to students who have participated in band camps and other approved events as per bursary policy for both Junior and Senior students.
  4. Record and maintain records for PSWBPA by way of regular monthly bank statements and, once reconciled, provide these records to the Band teacher.
  5. Prepare and provide Financial statements to the PSWBPA.
  6. Attend meetings as scheduled by the Band teacher or Chairperson.