RHS Student Handbook

Click  Student Handbook 2018-2019 to see the RHS student handbook:

Page 1.  RHS’s Vision and Mission, The Education Act: Duties of Pupils

Page 2.   Staff Assignments and SCC Members

Page 3.   2018-19 Academic Calendar

Page 4.   Policies and Expectations

Page 5.   Dress Code and Assessment Policy

Page 6.  Academic Dishonesty, Cell Phones, Communication Protocol & Student Fees

Page 7.   Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Use, Extra Curr. Activities & Field trips, Bicycles and Skateboards, and Lockers

Page 8.   Academic Programs per Grade Level, Grade Promotion, & Grad Policy

Page 9.    RHS Awards, School surveillance, Practical and Applied Arts Projects and Parent Driving School Functions

Page 10. Lockers, Cell Phones/Electronics, Use of Special Facilities , School Surveillance

Page 11. Practical and Applied Arts Policy, Parent Driving Protocol