Pet Parade Donations for Saskatoon Dog Rescue

Pet Parade on June 15SCP School has had a fun tradition each year ofhosting a “Pet Parade”. This is an opportunity forfamilies to bring their family pet to show to thestudents at the school. We usually host the eventoutdoors and in the gym.If you are interested in registering your pet, let usknow by signing up at the link.We are very… Read more →


South Corman Park School is looking forward to continuing our work on our outdoor learning space. Lastyear, our staff, students, families, and community volunteers worked together to add landscaping, awalking path, and a tipi to our outdoor learning space.This year, our goal is to obtain corporate and private sponsorship to add a class set of picnic tables to thearea. Each… Read more →


Like many schools, South Corman Park School raises funds to provide additional opportunities for our students that would be outside our typical budget allocations. We appreciate the tremendous support of our SCC and school community! Some of the activities that have been possible with SCC and school community fundraising are: In addition, our staff and SCC has identified some guiding… Read more →

Our Mission Statement

It is the desire of the South Corman Park Staff to create a safe and positive environment for all students. It is our hope that all students will develop skills and attitudes that will help them and others to achieve their maximum potential. It is with these goals in mind that we created the following “MISSION” statement for South Corman… Read more →