apple, red apple, fruit, red, healthy, vitamins, fresh, health, ripe, foodSeptember 2021
halloween, ghosts, pumpkin, happy halloween, ghost, autumn, october, mood, cute, figure, groupOctober 2021
remembrance day, poppies, red, flower, war, memorial, symbol, british, military, november, soldierNovember 2021
snow, winter, wintry, star, poinsettia, christmas, cold, snowy, december, snowfall, christmas motifDecember 2021
snow, outdoor lamp, winter, cold, snowflake, ice, frozen, white, outdoors, beautifully, seasonJanuary 2022
rope, clothes line, clothes peg, map, postcard, invitation, coupon, heart, love, mother's day, valentine's dayFebruary 2022
chihuahua, dog, st patrick's day, cute, humor, puppy, petMarch 2022
figures, funny, easter bunny, easter, happy easter, easter figures, hare, easter decoration, cute, holidayApril 2022
may, the merry month of, lily of the valley, flowers, spring, blossom, bloom, nature, white, flora, freshMay 2022
graduation, diploma, education, achievement, graduate, certificate, academic, rock, artJune 2022

June 2022 Year end letter