Safe Schools Plans

Information from Prairie Spirit School Division for the 2021/22 School Year

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Where can I find up-to-date information on Covid-19?

For updated information on COVID-19, visit the Government of Saskatchewan website:

As well, all Prairie Spirit communications are posted on the PSSD home page: Prairie Spirit School Division

What can I do to monitor my family for Covid-19?

Where can I get rapid tests?

Rapid tests are free of charge and available at a number of community locations around the province, such as the Dundurn Library, Clavet Fire Hall, Stonebridge Co-op, Round Prairie Library, as well as other locations. We also have a supply of rapid tests at the school. You can email to arrange to pick up a rapid test kit from the office, or have one sent home with your child

What if my child tests positive for Covid-19 on a rapid or PCR test?

  • Please contact the school to let us know your child has tested positive and whether it’s a rapid or PCR test.
  • Contact 811 for medical advice.

What if my child is exposed to Covid-19 in their class or on the bus?

At the end of each school day, the school will send an email to the school community with
information about any positive COVID-19 cases reported, including the list of classes/buses/activities
that have been impacted, along with information outlined in the most recent public health
order. This information does not include the name of the student or staff member.

What if my child is a close contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid-19?

If your child is identified as a close contact, please follow the SHA’s guidelines:   

Flow chart that shows what students need to do if they are close contacts

FAQs from the SHA website:

Link: FAQs from the SHA:

When does my child have to isolate? 

Like adults, unvaccinated children who are exposed to a case within their household are required to self-isolate for 10 days from their last exposure and cannot attend school or daycare.

Unvaccinated children that were exposed to COVID-19 outside of their household (school, extracurricular activities or other community places) and who do not have symptoms may leave self-isolation only to attend school or their regular daycare for the hours childcare is required. They cannot attend any extracurricular activities and must wear a mask unless they are aged two or under.

Does my child have to isolate if they are vaccinated?  

Children who are fully immunized (14 days after a second dose of a two-dose vaccination) and do not have any symptoms do not need to isolate.  If they develop symptoms, they should get tested and must isolate regardless of vaccination status.  If the test is negative, they should stay home until their symptoms have improved for 48 hours.  

What if my child develops symptoms of COVID-19 after being exposed to a case? 

All individuals should self-monitor following an exposure.  If your child develops symptoms, your child should get tested and not attend school or daycare. 

If your child is not fully immunized (14 days after a second dose of a two-dose vaccination):

  • And the exposure occurred within the household, they will need to continue to isolate until 10 days after their last exposure to the case, even if their test results are negative.
  • And the exposure occurred outside of the household, once they have a negative test and their symptoms have improved for 48 hours, they can leave isolation only to attend school or daycare for the duration of their 10 days self-isolation period.  

If your child is fully immunized, they should not attend school until their symptoms have improved for 48 hours.  Proof of a negative test is not required for children to return to school or daycare.