Welcome to the playground! Here are some challenges that you and your family might enjoy. Send us pictures and videos of you completing the challenges for a chance to win prizes. 

Toilet Paper Challenge – Expired

100 Throws Challenge – Active

  1. Find a ball of any type (football, baseball, tennis ball)
  2. Grab a partner or a few (parents, siblings, dog)
  3. Between everyone you need to do 100 throws (if that is a sibling and yourself, it would count as 50 throws each)
  4. Be sure to use proper throwing technique 
    1. Feet shoulder width apart
    2. Hold the ball with your throwing hand
    3. Point your other hand and hip at the target 
    4. Wind up (hold ball to ear – make a checkmark with your arms)
    5. Throw and follow through 
  5. Take a video and we will make a highlight reel of the SCP throws and catches open to all ages and grade levels
  6. Deadline Friday May 1st by noon. ​

To submit the video select the link below and add directly from your device.

Upload Video