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The Soul Rock Studio & Diner opened on April 6th, 2020 to serve the musical cravings of students during a pandemic that cancelled school. However, now that we’re here, we intend to stay. You can find us virtually anywhere if you head down Route 66 and hang a left on Bourbon Street, but if you get lost and find yourself Where The Streets Have No Name, just Take It Easy. Remember Life Is A Highway, Just get On The Road Again. So Hit the Road Jack. Come often, stay long, and let your soul shine!

As you navigate the menu, look for the Level of Rigor indicators to determine what type of item suits you best at any particular time.

  • indicates a low level of rigor is involved. Only a small amount of time, effort, and skill set is needed to carry out the task or activity.
  • indicates a medium level of rigor is involved. A bit more time, effort, and some degree of prior knowledge and skill set is needed to carry out the task or activity.
  • indicates a high level of rigor is involved. These tasks will require a more significant combination of time & effort. These tasks will suit the connoisseurs who have acquired the higher level of knowledge and skill set needed. When you’re ready for a challenge, this is the place to be.
  • indicates items that are flexible to all levels of learners and can be adapted to meet students where they are at.

Here’s how it works:

  • You can check out any menu at any time and pursue any item that interests you. Each item will contain directions, a learning activity, options for assessment, and recommended next step menu items.
  • Sample as much or as little on the menu as you’d like, or try everything!
  • Options for formative assessment & summative assessment will be available.
  • Say hello and tell us what you like about the Studio by dropping us a note in the Tip Jar.
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  • Ms. Kendra Worman
  • kendra.worman@spiritsd.ca
  • 306.229.9691 (text or call)

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