What are the tech requirements?

SeLS students require their own technology that has dependable internet access. The recommended technology is a laptop with a camera and headset that includes a microphone.

What does the structure of the day look like?

Individual students gather with their peers as a large classroom group online at regular times during the day. There are also other parts of the day when students may meet online to learn in small groups or one on one with their teacher to learn together.

Do students have a lot of screen time for SeLS classes?

Students are not viewing their screen for the entire school day. While there are regular meetings online at least twice a day, the intent is to check in with teachers and provide time for students work independently on course work while maintaining access to continued teacher support. Students are not required to be viewing a screen for prolonged amounts of time throughout the day.

Do students have to attend the scheduled online meetings?

Yes. Students are expected to be able to come to the regular online meetings. This is the time that the teacher is scheduled to connect with students, so it is important that the students attend.

What is taught at SeLS?

Students academic programming is derived from the Saskatchewan curriculum, which is the same as what is followed in all Prairie Spirit School Division schools.

What happens for each class?

Generally, Kindergarten through grade 6 have a homeroom teacher and that teacher delivers their courses. In the grade 7 – 12 classrooms, the teachers are usually specialized in a curricular area, therefore those students experience more teachers in their variety of subject areas.

What are the expectations of support in the home?

SeLS students require support from home with respect to assisting them manage the daily activities in the classroom. Teachers are not physically with students throughout the school day, so communication between family and school with how best to support students is appreciated.

Can Prairie Spirit School Division students transfer to and from SeLS throughout the school year?

To support student learning and limit the amount of disruption, it is advised students remain in a consistent school setting, whether it be online or in your local school. Transfer to SeLS should consider at least a half school year commitment. The half-way point of the school year ends January 31, 2022.

How does a Prairie Spirit School Division student transfer from their PSSD school to Spirit eLearning?

Student who attend a Prairie Spirit School Division school should discuss the transfer with their local school Principal or Vice Principal regarding a transfer to SeLS. When students are ready to initiate a transfer process, their local school will provide them with the “Spirit eLearning Transfer Request” form. Once the form is submitted, personnel at Spirit eLearning will contact the family to confirm and finalize the transfer.

How does a student that is not enrolled in a Prairie Spirit School Division school register with Spirit eLearning?

Families will then submit the form. Students wo attend a school that is outside of Prairie Spirit School Division can apply to register with SeLS by going here.

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