Troubleshooting links and info

  1. For information on how to log on, please click here.

  2. The login link for GSuite is:

  3. If you are signed into more than one Google account, please use the following steps to sign out of all accounts:

– Launch Google Chrome

– Clear the cache for Google Chrome  ( )

– Going to the following link will force a sign out any Google accounts currently logged in:  

– Close all open Google Chrome windows

– Launch Google Chrome again, and proceed to log into GSuite  ( )

4. If students would like to choose their password, please click here. Passwords must meet the following requirements:
– Min 8 characters long
– Must include a capital letter and number
– Cannot include any part of the students first or last name
– Cannot be any of the last 24 passwords used

5. If the students are encountering an error asking the student to enter their old Chromebook password, they can use the following procedure to get around that error:
To get around that error and to get the student to log into a Chromebook with that error, the student will have to do the following:
–  once on the error page, click on   ‘Forgot your old password?’
–  on the next screen that appears, click on ‘Proceed anyway’

If you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact the office directly at 306-683-2870 or by email at

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