Edsby Access Instructions

If you have not yet signed up for Edsby, you will consistently be receiving invitations to your email on record that will grant you access to important school communication, report cards, and attendance.  Edsby has replaced Powerschool in our school division and will be used by teachers to:

  • Do their attendance
  • Enter grades
  • Communicate with parents

As a parent with the app you will have access to all of your children in one spot, even if they go to different schools.  You will be able to use Edsby to do their attendance without having to call the office and, as teachers become more comfortable with the program, engage in your child’s progress in their classes.  It will become the main communication tool for schools, ranging from school wide announcements and classroom newsletters to individual contact between parent and teacher.  Lastly, your child’s progress reports will be posted directly to the app.

We strongly encourage every parent to accept their invitation to Edsby.  If you accidently decline the invitation or if the invitation gets sent to a spam folder, contact your school and they can resend an invitation. 

Instructions on setting up your Edsby account:

  1. An invitation will be sent to the email you have provided to your school.
  2. The first time you accept an invitation, you will need to select the “I don’t have an Edsby account” option.
  3. Edsby will create an account for you, with your username being your email address and it will prompt you to choose a password. Click the “Create Edsby Account” button when you are done.
  4. Congratulations, your account is now created!
  5. For any other invitations you receive, for students at this or other schools in Prairie Spirit School Division, you can now select the “Login to your existing Edsby account” option and the new student will be added to your account.

NOTE: if the app asks you to “enter your school or district’s server address” please enter “prairiespirit

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