School Community Council

The School Community Council is a primary link between the home, community and school. Prairie Spirit believes that involvement with School Community Councils is a rewarding and meaningful activity for parent and community members.
The purpose of School Community Councils is to:

•    Support student learning success and well-being; and,

•    Encourage parent and community involvement and engagement in the school.

School Community Councils provide mechanisms for parents and community members to support and influence the work of the school and to channel advice to the Board of Education and others. The focus of the SCC is student learning and well-being

 School Community Council Responsibilities

Councils are accountable to their community. Responsibilities of the Council include:

• Understanding their community;

• Supporting parent and community involvement in the school;

• Advising the Board and school as outlined in the Board of Education School Community Council Policy;

• Working with the School to develop, support and provide advice to the Learning Improvement Plan;

• Helping parents find ways to support their children’s learning;

• Reviewing extra-curricular school activities approved by the principal and Student Council members;

• Advising and approving fundraising activities in the school; and

• Reviewing student fees to ensure alignment with Board of Education directions




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