Bus Cancellations

Busing Cancellations:

            In the event of severe weather, Warman bus drivers are in contact with each other and collectively compare road and weather conditions. In accordance to Prairie Spirit School Division Busing Policy #805, should the temperature be -40 degrees with wind chill, or if road conditions are considered dangerous, buses will not run. In that situation, it will be posted on the PSSD website www.spiritsd.ca  by 7:00 a.m.

If any or all buses do not run, parents need to know that urban bus students will not receive a phone call. Please make it a habit to check the Prairie Spirit School Division’s website daily (www.spiritsd.ca) for Bus Cancellations.

In the event buses are not running, the school remains open for students.  Parents are welcome to transport their children to and from school on those days.  It is also important to note that if buses do not operate in the morning, they will not operate after school that day, even if weather conditions improve.

There will be no early dismissals due to deteriorating weather conditions.  If it is determined buses will not run at the regular dismissal time, previously arranged urban billeting is to be used for bus students.  Please keep your contact information updated for this purpose.

Questions or concerns about buses running late or bus cancellations need to be directed to the PSSD Bus Garage at 306-374-2496.