Busing (Urban and Rural)

Urban busing is provided in compliance with the Prairie Spirit School Division busing policy.  All École Traditions students are eligible for bus service.

Bus Request forms are available on the Prairie Spirit School Division website www.spiritsd.ca. By following the Parents, then Busing links, you will find the policy, maps and busing request form.  It can be submitted by email to nancy.matechuk@spiritsd.ca, by faxing it to 306-374-2862 or by dropping it off at the PSSD Office in Warman. Please read the PSSD Busing Policy #805 in regards to severe weather, buses and busing regulations.

Students using the urban busing service will be expected to have a valid bus pass and rural students must be on the list for rural busing. No pass is required for rural students. Bus drivers will not allow students on the bus who are not on the rural bus list, or do not have an urban bus pass. All urban passengers must obtain a bus pass and present it to the bus driver to ride the bus.  Bus passes are valid only for the bus that is indicated on the pass. Students may not ride any other bus than indicated on their pass. There is also no allowance for guest passengers to ride Warman buses due to over-crowding.

Should you have any questions regarding this service please call the Prairie Spirit School Division Bus Garage at 306-374-2496.