Nut Alert

Nut Alert

École Traditions Elementary is a Nut Alert School.  This is achieved only with the help of all the students at the school and their parents.  This decision is based on the knowledge that a few students are allergic to peanuts/nuts and the severe effects that can result from contact with them.

At our school, children identified as having severe allergies are brought to the attention of all staff.  Student photographs are visible and emergency procedures have been established to follow if an allergic reaction occurs.

We at École Traditions Elementary School wish to make our school as safe as possible for all students.  The following information provided by the Saskatoon District Health Unit is to help parents become aware of the reasons for becoming a Nut Alert School and how they can help avoid allergic reactions from occurring in these students.

Background to Peanut Allergies:   Allergy to peanuts is not indicative of allergy to other nuts.  Peanuts are members of the legume family.  Persons with a peanut allergy may have to avoid peas, beans, soy or other legumes.  The degree of sensitivity to peanuts varies greatly.  Some people may only have to be in contact with a small amount of peanuts or peanut products to trigger an allergic response.  For some people, an allergy to peanuts can be life threatening and therefore they must always carry an emergency kit!

 Use of Peanuts in Foods:  Peanuts can be used in a variety of manufactured products such as chocolate bars, deep fried foods, some salad and cooking oils, commercial soups and many others.  Peanut flours may be found in breads, macaroons, diabetic foods, commercial pies, ice cream, meat products, crumb toppings, salad dressings, bakery products, granola bars, breakfast cereals and many more.

 What Should Parents Do?  Because a person with a peanut allergy can be very sensitive, even utensils used for spreading peanut butter need to be thoroughly washed after use.  This also applies to any dish cloths used.  For a person allergic to peanuts, any trace of the peanut product left behind may cause serious harm. We suggest that your child avoid taking foods with peanuts listed in the ingredients to school, as well to avoid swapping lunches.  Explain why this is important.

Becoming a NUT-ALERT SCHOOL DOES NOT ENSURE that the school is entirely free of nut products.