Telephone Calls

Telephone Calls for Students and Teachers

Please give your children all of their options for contact numbers so that they are available when needed.   Write them on the front page of the student handbook, and update them if necessary.

If parents phone their children or their child’s teacher during class time, it is preferred that a message is left with the administrative assistant. Calls can be returned at a break time. We want to be mindful not to disrupt classes unless the situation is urgent.

It may be best not send email messages directly to the teacher with after-school instructions for your child as the teacher may not receive it in due time. Matters of that nature should be handled by phoning the school office in plenty of time for the message to be brought to the attention of the teacher.

The school phone has a message manager available at 306-683-5200 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.  weekdays, and all weekend where parents are able to leave messages for teachers regarding student absences, etc.