Tuesday, October 31st Annoucements


This Friday, November 3rd, Sleeping Children Around the World will be hosting its second annual Sleep Day, where students can wear pyjamas to school for a $1 donation. We will be having a PJ day on Friday in support of this day. We ask for students to bring $1 to donate. Sleeping Children Around the World is a 100% charitable organization based in Canada (no monies donated go to cover overhead costs) that provice Bedkits to children in developing countries. Each Bedkit includes a sleeping mat or mattress, bedding, a mosquito net to combat the threat of malaria, clothes and school supplies. Each Bedkit cost $35. Please visit www.scaw.org for more information.

Please support this day and come dressed in PJ’s on Friday and donate $1. Let’s see how many Bedkits we can provide!

We hope everyone has a great day today! We look forward to seeing all of your costumes this afternoon.

A reminder as you trick or treat tonight to be safe, travel with a buddy or in groups and make sure to have mom/dad take a look through your candy before you dig in!