Tuesday, January 30th- Daily Announcements

1.Grade 7 Boys Basketball game that was scheduled for today at VCA has been postponed.  Mr. Gartner is doing his best to re-schedule this game.

2. Grade 7/8 Girls Basketball practice today after school.

3. Grade 6 Coding Club today at noon.  Mr. Cox will meet you in the lab when you are back from Gymblast

4. Good luck to our Grade 5 and 6 Gymblast teams as they take part at the MAP this morning.  Looking forward to seeing you in your teams starting at 9:45.  Good luck this afternoon to our Grade 7 and 8 gymblast teams.  You get underway at 12:45.  A big thanks to Mr. Little for arranging for the Gymblast Crew to be out here in Martensville for the day.

5. NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!- Tomorrow is the halfway point in the school year and also a Teacher Prep Day.  We hope you enjoy your mid-week holiday.  School resumes on Thursday!

Happy Birthday: Layla A-S (1), Tala A-S (1) and Jacob W. (K) on the 31st: Ethan U. (1)