Friday, February 16th

Olympic Trivia: For 90 years Coca-Cola has been a sponsor to the Olympic games.  There will be 7.2 thousand ads aired during the 2018 Winter Olympic coverage.  The Olympics will end on February 25th, so make sure to watch over the break!

Canadian Medal Count: 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 4 Bronze

1.Today is the last day of the Olympic Activity Fitness Tracking Competition that we are having with our K-4 friends at Warman Elementary.  Please hand in your Activity Tracking sheet today!  We will have a grand total of hours to you later this morning.

2. A reminder that there is no school on Monday because of Family Day and No School Tuesday to Friday as it is the February Break!  We hope you enjoy the week off!

Happy Birthday: Kinsey J. (K), Laekyn M. (5), Julian M. (5) on the 17th: Carson B. (7), Declan H. (1), Hannah L. (5) and Ravyn W. (7) No birthdays on the 18th, on the 19th: Kayden G. (1), Daxton M. (2), Deagan R. (5) and Blake R. (3) on the 20th: Naomi F. (3) and Brenna S. (7).  On the 21st: Conrad B. (3), Simon G. (5) and Colten S. (1).  On the 22nd: Nixson H. (4) and Cadyn N. (4). On the 23rd: Tyler H. (6), Cole L. (3), Olivia S. (3) and Nixon V. (2). No birthdays on the 24th. On the 25th: Liam K. (1)