VMS Olympic Activity Challenge with Warman Elementary School

On Monday, February 5th we were challenged to a Physical Activity Challenge by Warman Elementary School.  Kindergarten to Grade 4 students were asked to track the amount of time they are physically active outside the school day for the 2 weeks leading up to the break.

A big thank you to everyone who turned in their Activity Tracking Sheet.  Our K-4’s had a grand total of 1090 hours of Physical Activity which is outstanding!!!  When we average it out between our K-4 students, it means that our students averaged about 3.12 hours of physical activity these past 2 weeks.

For those keeping score Warman had 1305 hours during that same span, but also had more students participating so it was pretty even overall.  The big winners here are our students for getting physically active outside of school hours!

Thank you to all who participated, keep being active over your February Break!